Hybrid Offgrid Solar Power Projects
We provide a range of customized Off grid solar PV installation from concept and design to commissioning for residential and commercial application. These installations can be designed based on the need of the customer and installed at site by out experts. The scope will include system design, engineering, plant layout, supply of component, system integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Solar PV based off grid power plant consists of PV array which generates DC electricity from sunlight, a battery bank to store the DC energy and an inverter to convert from DC to utility grave AC electricity. These plants are available in two configurations a "Hybrid" that uses diesel generator/Mains to supplement battery charging, and a "Stand Alone" without a generator. Custom configurations for specific voltage or power requirements are available for a reliable power source in any remote application


You are mitigating the dependence on fossil fuel based electricity generation and encourage environment friendly Solar electricity generation. You are lowering carbon dioxide emission and helping combat global climate change.